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Flatpack Festival X Reel Brum

which will be funded via the funding pot accrued through ticket sales to our monthly events.  We want to encourage our members to collaborate and use the network to the fullest in order to create something amazing. More details to be announced in January 2024! 

Submit your films to our monthly events to be considered.




  • 20 minutes max

  • No films prior to January 2022

  • Fully cleared including music

  • Must either be shot in West Midlands or 50% of principle cast and crew from West Midlands

Submissions for the monthly events are always open. 

Send your short films (20 min max) to

We are excited to announce that Reel Brum will host our very own strand at Flatpack Festival 2024! 

Flatpack are just as passionate as us when it comes to championing West Midlands filmmaking talent, so we will be screening 12 films at the Bafta qualifying festival. 

Eleven of these will be picked by panel decision from the pool of films screened at Reel Brum events throughout the year.  The final film will be a Reel Brum production 

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